I'm down to one car...

Yes. That was clickbait. True, but also clickbait.

At this moment only one of my cars is available for me to drive.

  1. Jag is down for extended maintenance. Current is lacking a front end, intake system, coolant, belts of any kind, and supercharger oil.
  2. Saab is blocked in by the Jag.
  3. Volvo is in off-site storage.
  4. Land Rover is in off-site storage.

That leaves only one car....

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Photo: Taylor

Yup! The Alfa. Currently not looking quite so clean, but otherwise quite functional as long as you can go without AC, heat, radio, and windshield wipers.

I’m oddly OK with this.

For... reasons, I opted to put the Landy in storage over the Alfa. Mostly this was because it is the only car narrow enough to fit in the portico and still allow people by. This means I can leave it there all the time, rather than just move it when they are storms.


I also just found out the Alfa track day is still on for May 14th, which is... worrying. I’m going to begin prep but also search my soul if that is an acceptable risk. True social distancing trivial except for in the bathrooms and the safety briefing, so... could be worse?

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