I'm doxxing myself somewhat by requesting this...

Lemme start by showing you this 1988 Mazda RX7...

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My oldest brother is married to a woman who used to own a manual 1988 Mazda RX7 that looked almost exactly like the one pictured. I got to drive it a few times and I have to say... it was a really nice ride. I loved how it felt like it wanted to go faster and be revved higher. Sure, there are cars that were/are way faster, but it was interesting from a driving feel/handling perspective.

Over a decade ago, in spite of being a reasonably fit and healthy non-smoker, my brother got a chest infection that moved to/attacked the lining of his heart and did severe damage.


The various doctors and specialists tried to heal/fix his heart with various procedures and drugs... and I suspect it did help some.

But now he’s at a point where he needs a heart transplant... and it is very likely he will get one soon.


The issue is the cost. Since we are in Canada, it’s not like we will get a $$$$$$ bill from the hospital from the surgery. But there are a bunch of other costs. He will have to move to London, Ontario for the surgery and stay in the hospital for 1 month, followed by 3 months of rehab. Tied in with this is the fact that him and his wife won’t be able to work during that 4 month period... which will mean day-to-day expenses will pile up.

I and other family members are doing what we can to help out, but none of us are what you would call ‘wealthy’.


My niece has organized this GoFundMe to assist with the expenses that will pile up during the hospital stay and rehab period:


If any of you could help out a little, it would be greatly appreciated.


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