I'm driving a Rental Forte, AMA

Get this y’all - this thing has cloth seats that aren’t heated; but it has kick ass Lane Keep Assist!!!!!!!!!

You gotta turn it on after starting the car. It isnt on by default, which is great. When I first turned it on, it felt a bit wierd.

The car beat me to making a minor steering wheel adjustment to keep the car on the road. But it’s not just minor steering adjustments - this bitch with straight up ssteer you through gentle curves like it’s no biggie!


Icant believe that 10 years from now, we’ll be able to buy cars with advanced LKA for $5k!

It took me literally no time to drive like a dazed teenager after my first break up - gazing into the sky, dreading my existence and forgetting that I am piloting a many thousand pound metal box through the interstate at 75 miles an hour lol


And on the not so gentle turns, the system will streer through 10% of the bend and then nope out on you, till your car veers into the lines, at which point it will beep at you.

The green steering light goes out when it feels the grade of the curve is too much. Usually that happens right before the turn comes up, but it has quit on me mid turn.


Code brown was closely averted.

Al in all, it’s awesome to have the assist. It takes away from the minutia of driving. But you can’t rely on it


The sweet spot is to let the car steer itself with your hands on the wheel. And start driving when you see a curve or sense a lack of initiative from the car to turn. Which sounds incredibly unsafe! But that’s what these systems encourage.

They let you lose your alertness and driving intuition. But when the system doesn’t work, you gotta either know what to do or you’re screwed. It’s sad to think but most of the people who are in their teens today will never know how to back a car into a spot without a camera.


Update: Steering feel is surprisingly good. The stereo slaps. Throttle is wierd like all new cars. Doesn't kick in linearly. Big wait before power kicks in. Heater doesn't get extremely hot on hottest setting. 

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