Details: I am in Luxembourg driving to the Nurburgring tomorrow for 4 laps in a Sciorocco GTS from RSR Nurburg. I’ll be staying at Apex. Should be fun. The car I’ve been given by the rental car company is a Volvo V40 D2 6-Speed Geartronic. I don’t remember selecting “automatic” as a preference but I was mainly paying attention to price. At $30/day, I’m not complaining.

Illustration for article titled Im Driving a Volvo V40 (Forbidden Swedish Meatball) - AMA

Volvo says “Volvo V40 is a safe, fun and elegant hatchback car designed with the driver and passenger in focus.” I prefer not to test the safety. However, it does not have a backup camera. The interior feels a bit cheap (I wouldn’t say elegant). And fun, we’ll see. Not tracking it - just running about.

I took a ride to Aldi to stock up on some food for the early trip tomorrow to Nurburg and found myself driving through the woods on a single track road. Luxembourg City is a strange place ;)

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