I'm drunk - AMA

It’s not even 10am and I am toasted. I haven’t had a drink since February, but now the remnants of that big bottle of vodka that my mother left behind are gone. I was planning on mixing the OJ with 7-Up (or the generic, store-brand equivalent - I’m cheap), but the idea of a Screwdriver on Sunday morning seemed like a good/bad idea.

Even though I may be trashed I still seem to care about punctuation, spelling and grammar; At least I think I do, but I may not be the best judge at this point. I’ve been occupying my time playing Sniper 4, preferably killing my enemies in hand-to-hand combat instead of using guns. Maybe I should fire up a flight simulator and buzz the tower, or go play Burnout and crash all of the assholes off the road. Regardless, I won’t be leaving the house, but will probably sit here and watch reruns of ‘Soap’ until I decide that puking or sleeping, hopefully not both simultaneously, would be a more prudent course of action.


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