I'm Dumb and You Should Shame Me (UPDATE)

Update: clean oil fixed her. She isn’t acting up and I no longer have a christmas tree on my dashboard. I’ll be less of a dumb ass moving forward.....hopefully.

I let time escape me and did not take care of my car. I don’t know what I was thinking but I was reminded today that I missed a normal oil change on my Subaru that is now 165K+.

How do I know I missed my oil change and why am I stupid? Well this is what you call a two-fer.


Half way home, entering the high way I gunned it to get up to speed with the heavy traffic. My engine sputtered a little and then my dash lit up like a Christmas tree.

The CDL is for error codes P0028 & P0026, which I was able to read thanks to my ODBII wifi sensor and DashCommand app.


After a quick search, the error is for the left and right intake valve control solenoid; where the most common theme on the cause for the error is low oil and/or going to long between oil changes. I normally stay within the 5-6k window on synthetic, but this time I done f****d up because I couldn’t change it myself.


My wife kindly took it for a change. Upon return I noticed it said 3k; or norms oil. This is 100% not her fault because I would have screwed up anyways. The service due was 160k; meaning if I was on synthetic I would have been pushing almost 2,500-3,500 over my normal usage. Yes, I know synthetic can typically go 10k, but with an older engine I like to baby it so I don’t have these issues.... seems I’m going to now.

Let’s hope this doesn’t penalize me in the future and this can be fixed with an oil change. I’ll update tomorrow. Cheers!


Late side note: my tire pressure is actually good, but the sensors died around 120k miles and I didn’t find value shelling out the $20 or whatever is to fix it because I check my tires every 4/5th fuel up anyways; 1,600-2000miles.

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