I'm Famous!

Er, not quite. Appearing on BBC Two is hardly the peak of stardom. And I’m not appearing at all; rather, my truck is.

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I recently learned about a show called “AutumnWatch” that they do over there in BBC land, where they discuss all things relating to the change of seasons from Summer to “Fall” or “Autumn,” which is pronounced, “al-you-minium” I believe.

Why did this show come to my attention? They’re doing it in New England this year, specifically based in my town, as it happens. And they wanted a cool vintage truck to drive around in while looking at foliage. I presume they’ll be using the resulting video to fill in times between the more interesting segments, because come on, the leaves are pretty, but how much leaf-peeping can you cram into an hour show?


After a bit of back and forth, I now have in my hands a piece of paper saying the BBC is insured for - now, I think this might be a standardized form, because I know classic cars are up in value right now, but it seems high - $350,000 (!) with me as the “Certificate Holder.” And they have my truck. I gave them a few notes, but really, it’s easy to drive. It’s just hard to drive... smoothly.

If you have access to BBC Two and also have a thing for colorful leaves, New England wildlife, and maybe a few seconds of seeing my truck on TV, well tune yourself in (or watch it on the internet like a normal person) next week. I’m sure Google can point you there, but here’s a nice clip they shot this week.


Side note: If I had known they were shooting the above video, I for sure would have arranged to go waterskiing by the camera. I go by that spot every day, and have a friend with a ski boat just a half mile from there.

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