My brother in law scouted out a complete 1980 Toyota Pickup for me at a local junkyard last month. It had every part I wanted, and then some. He asked when it would be set, they told him the following week.

Having been looking for ANY part for my truck, I showed up the following week to get more information. The vehicle still hadn't moved. So then I ask if they know when it might be set. The man replies, "Not for a while. They still have to get off the tires and drain the fluids." I don't like playing junkyard tag, so I offered to buy it outright.

I was then directed to the man in charge of vehicle sales. We exchanges greetings and I made an offer. A decent starting offer for something they probably picked up for $250. For whatever reason, he was reluctant to negotiate in any form with this vehicle. He asked me to leave my contact information. Okay, it's unlikely he was going to call me back with a price but at least I tried. I'll scape for the parts when it gets set I suppose.

Well, remember when the first dude said it wouldn't be set for "a while?" Yeah, it was set 4 days later.


Notice anything? There were already parts missing in the photo they posted online! The grille is gone. The SEATS are taken. And God knows what else it was missing before it was set. Looks like someone on the inside got first crack. "Oh, fuck."

I race to the yard in my trusty rusty wagon and swiftly push a wheelbarrow full of tools towards row 26. I find the beast, certainly looking a lot lighter than 5 days ago.



Everything was gone. Handles, wipers, weather stripping, misc. chrome bits, speaker wires, every side marker, the bed... Anything that was usable was damaged. They obliterated the door covers to get the window regulators, all of which I was hoping to get.

I'll never know what was initially missing from the employees, but it was evident that I was not the only customer scouting this truck.