I'm floored

There is 1/4 of an 86 XJ-S in my kitchen. The SO is apprehensive of this development. $50 for a 30k mile power steering rack with good condition boots, inner tie rods, and tie rod ends. Another $25 for a full floor pan cut in half.

Little bit of surface rust from sitting in the guys backyard. Nothing that won’t come right off. Going to hack off all the excess metal with either my angle grinder or go buy a $20 sawzall since high-velocity spinning things make me nervous.


This steering rack is damn near perfect. And watching him take it off was nice, because I got to see how to do it. Pretty damn easy. Three bolts, four hydraulic lines. Boop, off it comes. Also got a mint condition PS fluid cooler with it.

“Hey Jake, how does that Jag weigh as much as a Dodge Challenger?” Probably because of the insane thickness of some of the metal in this thing, and how much of it is 2-ply. This is the transmission tunnel. That’s nearly 1/4 inch thick metal. Holy crap.


Also got this as a freebie! Lower profile and without the “Jaguar” text my existing front plate has. A little polishing and this thing will be classy as hell. Stoked.


The plan with the floor pan is to hack off the excess metal, wire-wheel all the surface rust, and then spray all sides with a weld-through primer. Need to also wire-wheel and primer the floor in the car to determine what sections need replaced. The rust seems pretty localized to just the front floor of the front wheel well.

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