I'm frustrated

Hi, I’m BaconSandwhich, and today I’m somewhat frustrated.

Overnight, for no apparent reason at all, gas went up $0.10/L. (Or roughly $0.29/gallon). It’s now $1.38/L. I know that’s not as bad as it out in British Columbia, but still...

This got me looking at the prices of used Chevy Volts and BMW i3s. My usual go-to place is the Bay Area Craigslist. There’s some surprisingly nice cars for sale - a few Volts <$10K USD, and a few i3s (with the REX!) for ~$15K USD. I was curious about the i3, so I got a few insurance quotes - $33/month or so for insurance. I suspect that isn’t too far off from what I’m currently paying on a 17 year old Honda Civic.

The only major down-side is that I’d likely be saving less in the long run compared to keeping that money and earning interest on it.  But at some point I’m going to get so fed up with being dragged around by the metaphorical nose, I’m going to stick it to “big oil” and buy myself an EV.  I’ve told myself that my next vehicle will have a plug - either plugin hybrid or full EV.

Also, to top it off, my commute home was longer than usual because the police had hauled someone over on one of the two major bridges over the river that divide the city. This resulted in everyone squeezing into two lanes (instead of three). And while I was stuck in the slow moving (i.e.: 5 km/h) traffic, the vehicle ahead of me was burning oil like crazy.


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