I'm getting all nostalgic now

I frickin’ love my grandparents. The QOTD had me track down an old slot car track from my grandmother and now I’m spiraling out of control down nostalgia lane.

My grandfather had a little remote controlled car that he brought out when I visited. It was a black Havoline liveried NASCAR r/c version of this:


We would walk along the beach to a pier before dinner and he’d let me drive circles in the empty parking lot until the batteries ran out. I loved that thing so much that when it broke, I took it home and tried to fix it. I took it apart and glued pieces and made it work again. Then the controller broke. I tried to fix it but couldn’t...so I shelfed it. I can’t throw it out and it is still in my family’s basement on the shelf.

I mentioned it to him once a few months ago and he had to think hard on it before saying, “I can’t believe you remember that.”

Onions and dust in this office...DOESN’T ANYONE CLEAN?!?!?!

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