I'm getting better, really...

OK, I’ve got a problem with thrift stores, I will admit that. After I had to clear a path to get the new fridge in, I found that I really like having open space in the house. So, while I haven’t cut out my thrift store trips entirely, I am cutting back significantly, and minimizing the amount I spend, down from an average of around $7 to less than $2.

After the Sony tablet and Canon G10 camera, I didn’t think I could do better, but in the last few days I’ve come close. The first score was a Sony 1.7x teleconversion lens for digital cameras. It was even in the little pouch and had both lens caps, so it’s in amazing condition. $298.00 on Amazon, but by buying by the pound I probably paid less that $2.98. This ought to work well with the G10 once the hood/adapter thingy arrives.


A few months back I found some nice looking Bose headphones. At first I thought that they were noise-cancelling, but it turns out that they’re just standard headphones. They sound OK, but nothing like the killer Sony MDR-7506s that I once found in a dumpster at work. I’ve got a few other sets of Sony cans, some even better than the ones from the dumpster, but like most headphones, they don’t work well with my glasses. The Bose units actually fit well with my glasses, so I decided to take them on my flight back to SoCal next month, and as such spent about $7.00 for some replacement ear pads. Bad timing...

Today’s find was an actual set of noise cancelling Quietcomfort 15s. The store I was at was having a 50% off Eclipse sale (we’re right in the path in my neighborhood), and so I paid less than $4.00 for these, which is less than I paid for the replacement pads on the OE headphones.

I’ve read the reviews, and apparently these things can be a bit bright and distort at high bass levels, but are otherwise pretty decent. I haven’t actually tried listening to music with them just yet, but I did fire them up to see if the noise cancellation works, and yes, it does, and it does it amazingly well. I think you can guess which cans are going with me on all of those upcoming flights.

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