I'm Getting Hyped for 2017 Korean Sedans!!

I’m so excited that we are going to end up with THREE twin-turbo V6, RWD premium sedans next year. Who would have guessed they’d all be from S. Korea?! Yep, I’m talking about the twin-turbo G80, the Kia GT w/hatch, and the “3-Series fighting” G70 Sedan.

Genesis G80 Sport - This was unveiled in S. Korea earlier this year but we in the US didn’t get the actual refreshed G80 or its Sport counterpart for this year. In fact I hear that the US 2017 Genesis G80's are coming into the dealerships with the Hyundai badges and dealers have to remove them and install the wings before sell! But I already talked about this dab of dumbassery.


I am expecting the G80 Sport to replace the current RWD-only, G80 5.0 Ultimate. That means that when we get the “actual” refreshed Hyundai Genesis as the Genesis G80 the lineup should be something like this:

3.8L V6 (311 hp, 293 lb-ft) - $41,800 ($400 increase over 2017MY)

3.8L V6 AWD - $44,400 ($400 increase over 2017MY)

3.3T V6 (365, 376 lb-ft) - $49,000 (right in between the mid-trim AWD V6 and loaded RWD V6)

3.3T V6 AWD - $51,500 (right in between the fully loaded “Ultimate” RWD and AWD versions)

That means the G80 Sport “Ultimate” will end up topping out at $55,550 (which is $1,000 over the current fully-loaded RWD V8 model).


Kia GT Sedan (Large-Compact/Small-Midsized Liftback) - I’m pretty excited for this car because it should be about the same size as a 5-series (the Genesis G80 is like a LWB 5-series or the old SWB 7-series). I think the car will have the nimbleness the G80 missed due to size and weight, but the KGT will still keep the compliance that Lotus helped dial in.


Now I think this car will be about 3,700 lbs to 4,000 lbs, which is perfect grand touring weight but terrible sporting weight. That means expecting a 2.0T for US isn’t going to happen since it’s going to be in the $30k range. Here’s what I’m thinking:

3.8L V6 (311 hp, 293 lb-ft) - $35,000

3.3T V6 (365 hp, 376 lb-ft) - $41,000 (only offered fully loaded)

I honestly don’t think Kia is going to offer the car with AWD either, and if they do then it will be with the 3.8L only much like the current Genesis G80.


Genesis G70 (Compact Premium Sedan) - Even though this is the car everyone is hoping will be the most enjoyable to drive, I think the focus will be far more on day-to-day driving rather than any kind of Motor Trend testing. This sedan should weigh around 3,450 lbs to 3,800 lbs across the range, so in RWD form being around the same weight as the V6 Genesis Coupe was. As you’ll see, when keeping with the Korean price advantage you really can’t call the G70 a “luxury” compact sedan, only entry-level or “near premium” compact sedan.


2.0T I4 (260 hp, 276 lb-ft) - $28,500

2.0T AWD - $31,000

3.8L V6 (311 hp, 293 lb-ft) - $34,000

3.8L AWD - $36,500

3.3T V6 (365, 376 lb-ft) - $39,500

3.3T V6 AWD - $42,000

Either way, all these cars should have great lease terms on launch and have crazy depreciation within the first 24 months. So take $10,000 off of every price you just saw listed and that will be the price you’ll find all three of these running 10 months after they hit the market.


One other note, there is actually enough room for not only a G70 Coupe but possibly a more stripped out coupe from Kia based on the GT. That car would potentially be the Genesis Coupe replacement and have a similar relationship to its counterpart as the last Hyundai Genesis duo.

Add about $1,500 to the G70 Sedan pricings in order to find the Coupe’s prices. In the case of the Kia GT, it’s likely that a much smaller coupe called the “Stinger” could arrive and have the same 2.0T and 3.8L range as the old Genesis Coupe and be within the same price range that car was in. I didn’t think there was a Kia Coupe coming until they discontinued the Hyundai Genesis Coupe on top of saying the G70 Coupe wont be around for 3-4 years (which would be in time with refreshes on the G90 and G70 and an all NEW G80).


Yeah, I’m excited. I love brand new, reliable, 300 hp-plus RWD GT cars that are 33% off after the floor mats are installed and still have enough factory warranty to cover the fourth owner!

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