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I'm getting my baby back, but I learned a $1000 lesson so you don't have to

So an update on the WRX for those following along. Subaru called me earlier today and told me that a timing belt pulley exploded and sent shrapnel inside the timing case. It took chunks out of my 10k mile old timing belt with it. Also the timing belt front cover was cracked, which spit some ball bearings out. So time for a lesson!

Guys, when it's time to do your timing belt, and they strongly suggest doing the water pump, pulleys, and tensioners, do them! I knew I should've done the pulleys and tensioners when I got the water pump and timing belt done. I didn't have the extra little money to do the pulleys at the time. I should've waited for the next paycheck to do it. Now I have another brand new timing belt and all new tensioners and pulleys! So a thousand dollars later my 100k mile maintenance cost me 1900. Don't be stupid, do your research, and (sometimes) listen to the internet.

On the other hand, I don't have to sell my baby yet. Any other major problems and I'll have to sell her, but for now thank you tax returns. I'm also very happy with Prime Subaru in Hudson, NH. They've been pretty good to me and I don't feel like they've bent me over.

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