Yet another cable has failed. Not completely, but enough to be annoying. On one, the tangs that keep it locked in place don’t work so it just falls out. On another two, they click on but don’t always make connection and they have to be jiggled and coerced into working. After plugging in my tablet overnight I found that the battery was at a lower state of charge than when I plugged it in. And these aren’t cheap cables. And don’t get me started on all the devices where the Micro USB connector has snapped off of the circuit board.

Lightning connections have never given me any trouble, but I know the future is USB-C. Mini USB never gave me any trouble either, and it was easier to tell which way to plug it in (although I prefer reversible connectors). I can’t wait until micro USB disappears completely. Sure, it was a standard, which is a good thing, just not a very good one.