I'm not a hater. I quite like that Top Gear US gives us a car show with decent cinematography and that is challenge-based to watch. The chemistry between the hosts has started to come together, but I still have one or two issues with the show as it's currently shown on History

1. Rutledge. I get that he's the big fluffy awesome likeable everyman of the show, and his childlike wonder and amazement at everything does indeed add something to the mix, but... damn. He overreacts to *everything*. No personal insult to the man intended, because I've seen the way he interacts with the community on Reddit and Twitter and he seems like a genuine awesome guy, but hearing him going "OOOH. OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" every five seconds when he does something difficult and/or dangerous on the show can grate on my nerves a bit, but then again I might just be in a bad mood right now.

2. Commercials and recaps. I understand the channel has to make money, and that cuts the show down to 40 minutes of content. That's ok, except in reality it's even less than that because after EVERY commercial break the channel insists on giving us a recap of everything that happened as if we haven't been watching the show, or aren't intelligent enough to see "oh, they're driving trucks. I bet this is a truck driving challenge. Cool." and have to be reminded every ten god damn minutes.

History plz stahp.

Other than that I love how almost every episode is a cheap car challenge, and they have a professional driver (some would take issue with the fact Tanner inevitably drives the fast cars at the end of episodes, but if one of the others did it it'd be a disaster) to hoon the super-expensive fast sports cars at the end of some episodes.

Anyways. Just my thoughts.