I'm getting so damn anxious about this Baja. (Poor grammar warning)

*DISCLAIMER* I hate SUVs, but I love unique car/ute things like the Baja.

I have mentioned a few times that I am looking at a 2003 Subaru Baja 5-speed for $6k that’s 100 miles away. It’s somewhat low mileage for it’s year and it looks fantastic. So much want, but much worry too. It’s a used car, and my family has never bought used cars, so this might be a gamble but well it’s a Subaru and Subarus are fantastic and such and it’s an awesome unicorn and such and such.... I feel like I’m going to jump the gun on this car. AGHHHHHHH I want this now! Fuck my bank account and fuck sensibility. I am a 19 year old college student, I shouldn’t have my car enthusiasm/Jalopness/young age be held back by a mommy wagon for 3 years! This car literally has my name on it, I love oddball cars! Whenever I bring up the car to my parents I do say that I’d be more inclined to keep this car clean and maintained because I really would love the car, because if I hit a curb or anything with the Pilot I don’t care, because it’s not special. With the Baja I’d promise to baby this thing because it’s really appealing to me now. I never liked the Pilot, even if I say thank god this thing is what it is, it never brings a smile to my face, that’s not what a car should be to me! However, this car did teach me how to drive I guess, but it’s really time to move on, life’s too short to even care at all, so why am I putting up with an appliance? I even read cracked’s article that tells me to flip the table on the salesmen because that’s how I’ll get a good deal, and I’m prepared to do that (I won’t though). Please I hope this car turns out good and I get a good deal on this. I’m really losing my mind, it’s too good to pass up and my dad really likes it, so this anticipation is really killing me. I hope the car doesn’t turn out to be a basket case even though it’s got a new head gasket, water pump and timing belt. This would be my dream come true.

Oppo, am I being an idiot or am I being reasonable with my desire? I’m going to make sure I get a job when I go back so I won’t literally go bankrupt. I still have 3 paychecks for my old job so I will have more money coming in.


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