Local dealership, well regarded actually, listed up another Vibe. Low miles. Auto. A color my wife will tolerate. So I drive right up and have a look. Once again, a dealership posted the vehicle for sale, with a price (a high one at that) before the vehicle had been mechanically inspected, let alone detailed. Which means I get to see how the car truly was when it was traded in.

So, this vehicle had no accidents, 3 owners, 110k miles (eight years old). Sounds okay right? Well no. The interior was trashed. Glovebox handle broken, cigarette butts on the carpet, seats looked like someone lived in there. “Okay, Mr. SNOB-berg: a quick vacuuming and a cleaning, who cares?”


I notice that the wheels are all bubbling. The previous owner had it for 4 years in the next city over, where it a) doesn’t snow and b) when it does, they don’t salt the roads. I ask the salesman what gives? Well eventually he gives the Autocheck paperwork, where LO AND BEHOLD, this vehicle was sold at an auction in 2007 in Michigan! What was it before that? Registered as a rental vehicle in California. So what happened between these two points? It was definitely driven somewhere with salt. How about after Michigan? Somewhere south of Seattle with suddenly 15k more miles than 8 months ago at the auction. It also failed emissions TWICE in 2013. It has one-two-three title transfers between 2006 and 2008, and no official reported odometer reading since 2008.

I think I shall pass.

Looking for a car is time consuming and frustrating. Especially when you found a good one in town, but your wife hates the color (I didn’t like the color either, but boy oh boy did I try to sell it to her...)

But tomorrow is another day.