Backstory: I was trying to sell my Towncar on Craigslist. Next day I find a 4Runner online I just had to have. Went in to the stealership and traded in the Towncar for the 4Runner. Immediately went ahead and deleted my Towncar post on craigslist.

A day later, I try to post my Dodge Ram up so sale and that when it happens. I'm now a ghost. Everything I post has a link, but does not come up in search. I think deleting a post and entering another one in a short period triggered something in their system to make me seem fraudulent.

Solutions I will be trying: Make another account, post without an account, find another site to post, or keep the truck. So, Oppo, other than Craigslist, what other free sites have you found success in buying or selling your rides

Have a clean Continental