After a recent breakup (yes, ladies - I'm avaliable; wink wink) I started having some weirdly family oriented thoughts. I always assumed that late teens and early 20's are the time for automotive crazyness. That's when you get to buy whatever you like (and can afford) without having to worry about its practicality; whether the kids will be comfortable in the back and if the boot can accomodate a pram. That said I'd like to know about your experiences in the matter. Were you forced to completely forsake your automotive dreams and just do what's best for the family? Does your significant other have a lot of influence regarding your car choices? Maybe you found some solution to the problem, some sort of quick and sporty dadmobile perhaps? Or do you have a nice car, just for teh pleasure of driving?

I don't have much experience in that field, as I've not started a family yet (and I'm really far from doing that too). While none of the women I've been involved with liked the car choices I make (trading the Focus for my CLK, not converting the car to LPG for lower running costs, salivating over wierd and often objectively rubbish cars), none of them had any real say in the matter. I like to think that when "the one" comes along, she'll understand.

Feel free to share you experiences, observations and tips.