Spyker, Koenigsegg, TVR.

Picture takes me way back. I remember hoarding images of this car when I was a teen

I’ll be doing regular tourism and beer tourism and food tourism and I want to do car tourism. Last time I was over I was short on time (thanks, Contiki) though I did briefly glimpse a TVR in London from a distance.

This time I’d like to see more. I’ve got 2 months total. The manufacturers themselves don’t seem to have their own museums which is fair, as they’re small and 2 of them are borderline-dead at best. I’ve found a museum, the Louwman, that has a collection of Spykers but they’re all pre-war which isn’t my fancy. I wonder, where is the C12 La Turbie? The D12 Peking to Paris? I’d take a more pedestrian Spyker too, it would be cool to see any.

Any help I can get from Europpos will be appreciated. I’ve got a loose schedule at the moment, anything in a city would be good. For instance, it’s going to be a lot easier for me to do touristing in London or Paris than it is Birmingham or...I dunno, the countryside.