My brother is not the best driver. He speeds, he passes when he shouldn't, rarely turns his blinkers on, gets a little road rage and comes to sudden stops.But really, I'm more scared about his indifference towards his car's condition, he gives zero fucks! So I offered (insisted) to take his SUV with a friend for a couple of days and give it's much needed maintenance. Here's what we discovered and fixed.

- Oil, he had none whatsoever, and he had just taken the car to San Diego and Las Vegas! How did it not break down?!


- Antifreeze, same as oil, empty.

- Brake Discs, they were uneven, due to my brother's awful braking, that car shaked way too much when I stopped, even if I was just going 5 miles an hour. I took them to a mechanic to even them out.

- Brake Pads, they were on their last string of life.

- Wiper Fluid, not a big deal, it was empty though.

- Air Filter, black as night and full of pebbles

- Console, it had been loose for about 2 years, fixed it and cleaned up most of the mess inside the console, 5 years worth of crumbs and dried liquids.


There were a lot of other details, I decided to give the keys back to my sister-in-law since I knew she was the one that would apreciate it, and even more after seeing the pictures of fungus inside the console.

My brother may still be driving with his pregnant drive like a douchebag, but at least he's doing it in a much safer and clean car. I even liked the Montero after I was done with it, I really didn't want to give back the keys.


I saw a lot of cool cars yesterday while riding around town looking for the air filter, including a Phaeton the same color as the one above. I had never seen one in person, now I really, really want one.

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