So like a few others joining the 2018 Euromeet group, I’m buying a beater to tour the hills and valleys of Wales in. It’s £400. It’s not a special car. But I will make it a special car.

Not actual vehicle

May I present to you: The 2002 Skoda Octavia 4x4 Combi with a well-run-in 180,000 mile 1.8T motor. Mapped to 200hp, with Golf R32 springs and shocks, and a three inch mild steel pipe in place of an actual backbox; This is my beater.

As it stands it’s not a particularly exciting car, but I have drawn myself a plan. I’ve never had a car that I didn’t have to care about, and the thought of being able to do whatever the hell I want with this thing to prepare it for March has filled me with excitement. I’ve given myself £500 TOTAL to spend on this thing, excluding tax/insurance etc.

So now, I present to you: The 2002 Skoda Octavia 4x4 Combi Rowdy Edition


I’ve got the tyres, got the steel, the rally lights, the wiring, switches and relays, the roof bars and rack, the drainpipe, and the cutting discs. The only thing I need to buy to get to this point is some arch extensions (to pass MOT), etch primer and some paint - easily staying under my £100 budget for accessories and add-ons. I see absolutely nothing that could possibly go wrong with any of this plan.

Project Rowdy - Beginning 11:30AM-ish Saturday 02/12/2017