Inspired by St. Marty and St. Moog, I’ve decided to do some cheap/dirty/stupid mods to my 1980 Toyota Tercel hatchback before Cars and Coffee, which is on... ... Saturday.

I had some ideas last night, so I’m going to go for it.

One of the ideas is a pair of racing numbers on the doors (and maybe another on the hood). Cheesy? Absurd? Boisterous? Absolutely. But my goal is to have at least one person talk to me about the Tercel at C&C, so this could help.

But here’s the catch: I’m also about to sell this car, so everything ridiculous I want to do to it has to be temporary or easily removable. So I’m thinking a can of plastidip would be the best way to lay down the background for my door numbers, then just add the numbers themselves over that in paint. New owner doesn’t want to look like an idiot for some reason? Just peel it off.

So how do I spraypaint a circle onto a curved door surface? Anyone have any tricks for this? How do I get a perfectly round stencil? It doesn’t have to look perfect, since it’s all rusted anyway and it’s kindof a parody (I’ll avoid the term “rat rod” for FWD hatchbacks with 63 hp), but I’d like the number background to be round.

Or should I just punt and go rectangular?

Also, if any KC Jalops want to help, Cherry_Man1 and I are going to be working on it tomorrow night. We’ll probably get some Joe’s BBQ, too.