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I'm Going to Drive my Old Volvo to California

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Recently I tried to sell my old Volvo 245 Turbo. I've decided to not do that, and instead drive it around 2300 miles from Ypsilanti, Michigan to Simi Valley California. Why, you ask? Because it's better than renting a car and because I'm moving back to California after 3 years in this unbelievable shithole Michigan.


To answer your next question, I moved here to go to college. That's always the first thing anybody asks whenever they hear that I moved here from California: "What the hell are you doing here?" As much as the midwest likes to pretend it hates the coasts, literally everyone I've ever met in Michigan has asked that question with a mixture of shock and horror. They ask it like a beggar asking why you would throw away that perfectly good hoagie, or a Lamborghini owner wondering why you would wash your car with tap water.

In preparation for this epic road trip, I'm having a fuel pump replaced, doing an oil change, and making sure the alignment is up to snuff. The alternator belt is due for a replacement, too. The car is in the shop right now getting this stuff done.

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I've made this trip once before. On the way here we towed my car on a U-haul dolly behind my girlfriend's '98 Durango. Both vehicles were full of our stuff, and the Durango's tranny got a rebuild a few months after we arrived in Michigan. Lesson learned, then.

This time it's just me, the girlfriend, our rabbit and as few of our possessions as we can stand to bring.

I am so god damn excited.

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