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I'm going to look at a heap today

Anyone know WTF an Accent Blue is?


Looks like it has scads of hail damage but otherwise in decent shape. I can’t get anything yet, but I wanted to check it out because I doubt there’s going to be huge demand for this car and it might still be around in a week or so when my gap coverage payment comes in.

Why am I looking at this? I actually do like this generation of Accent in hatch form with the manual. I almost bought one a couple years before I bought the Ranger. Also, I believe my CU will finance it. “But fhrblig, why would you finance this?” Because if I finance it thru the CU I get $1000 from the gap coverage replacement clause, which means I’d only be paying for a little more than half the asking price. I’d have this thing paid off in six months tops. All this car has to do is last me maybe 10k miles. At my current driving level, that’s probably over two years of use.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t stink or have a lot of problems. I also kinda hope it has A/C, you can’t really tell from the pics.

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