That’s right. If the lowest form of race car is a LeMons car, then surely the second lowest form is a sport four circle track car. And that’s what I’m going to see tomorrow.

Its an 80 Celica with a 22R and a stick. Caged, set up for my local circle track, Seekonk Speedway. It looks like its pretty straight, but it’ll at least need a new head because the car was overheated in the last race it ran. I’m also told the driver was a fairly large gentleman like myself, so the seat might fit me/force me to lose a little weight instead of a lot of it.


For the money ($1000/bo, so $700 to me) it looks like a pretty decent little race car. I don’t think it’ll be super quick, lots of guys run Integras and Eclipses now at that track so a 22R might not be the best, but I don’t care much about that. I’ve been trying to get a race car for years, and this looks like about the best shot I’ve had.

What do you malcontents think?