After being told by several Oppos to do Demo days, I’m finally doing one! One day I hope to actually get review bikes, but I’m not going to complain. :)

This weekend Harley-Davidson is hosting a Livewire ride event near me and I feel there’s no better time to knock some more things off my bucket list. I’ve never ridden a Harley and the fastest EV I’ve ever piloted is the electric smart. I’m going to knock riding a Harley, an EV motorcycle, and a powerful EV off my list all in the same day. Mind you, the two newest motorcycles I’ve ever ridden were a 2012 Chinese clone of a Honda Ruckus and a 2009 Chinese clone of a Honda Helix.


I’m probably going to feel like I’m stepping so far into the future I’m going to want to sell off all my bikes and spare cars for one brand new motorcycle. Maybe. :P

If I get enough riding in I’ll write a first impressions/review on Out Motorsports and here.

In other news, the Ranger is back on four aired up tyres!


A friend gave me a spare wheel, so now I have 6 wheels for my Ranger. I’ve been putting off putting on that spare wheel he gave me because I thought it would be a nightmare. To my surprise, changing the wheel a Ranger is very nearly as easy as doing it on a smart. Those jack perches are magical! Now I can drive it out to the wash and my fav tyre installer to get the muddy bois on.

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