Went out to a buddies house tonight. Took another friend along, because why not, gas is cheap. Decided to drive the tow pig, a '97 expedition. Ran beautifully all night. Last leg of the trip home, right off a stop sign, there was a sudden banging/popping noise from under the hood.


Did a 3 point turn in the middle of a 2 lane blacktop, and headed for the gas station. At first I thought it might be the exhaust doughnut, but its not hitting every cylinder, just on the one. So I climbed up onto the engine bay, and it appears I have blown out a spark plug. I think. It was already midnight, cold with freezing rain. I'm going to get a better look tomorrow.


The thing is, while Ford 5.4s are all sorts of problem prone, mine is a '97. I dont have the 2 piece plugs, and I'm pretty sure I dont have the short threads either. This gets driven about 1200 miles a year, so I havent changed plugs in forever. Anybody have an issue like this that could point me at some literature? I'm hoping I just blew the center out. I dont feel like trying to thread a helicoil in this thing.

Heres a pic of what I hope to find tomorrow.

Wish me luck, I'm going to call it for the night.

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