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I'm Going to the Nurburgring and 24 Hour of Le Mans Next Year!

Well... it has been a long time since I’ve posted to Oppo... and this one is a real piece of work. Re-reading it, obviously I’m pretty excited about it... I don’t expect anyone to actually read all this, the short version is in the title! But if you’re so inclined...

For the past 7 years straight me and a good friend have road-tripped down to the 12 hours of Sebring... I’ve actually always wanted to tell my favorite stories from Sebring. From John Hindhaugh announcing the end of the race to me, my dad, and my best friend... just the 4 of us at a table (it was surreal). Or eating dinner with McNish, or standing next the pit wall during Tom Kristensen’s last ever pit stop at Sebring (I have video proof of that one)... I should write those up.


ANYWAY... The point of this post is that I decided a few weeks ago that I need to go to the 24 hours of Le Mans as soon as I possibly could. I can tell I’m starting to want to settle down, not even against my will! So, before I do that I need to have the epic European racing trip I’ve been dreaming of since my first year at Sebring.

I’ve been doing a ton of flying for work lately, and I finally went over how many frequent flier miles I have... So, last night I went ahead and booked the flights. I’ve had a rough idea of what I want to do for a while, it’s just a matter of nailing everything down in the next 275 days (it’s a really busy time of year in Europe... gotta book early!).


As of right now this is all solo- I plan to meet people along the way. Anyway my rough outline is this: Staring on June 12th -

  • Flying on Virgin Atlantic’s “Upper Class” service across the pond, connecting from London to Amsterdam.
  • Renting a car in Amsterdam (I’ve already put a call in to Hertz about getting an F-Type... hope they’ll take my points for it!)
  • Driving to the Nurburgring, and staying one of two places, Slider’s Guest House (he’s a Brit that fell in love with the ring and started a gear-head B&B very nearby). OR I’ll stay at Sabine’s new boutique hotel Longhorn Saloon. I have inquires out to both.
  • I’ll most certainly rent rent a car or two from RSR. The ring makes me nervous so I’m thinking of starting with one of the slower (cheaper) cars and an instructor. Judge it from there... I’m not inexperienced on a track but THAT track is a bit different.
  • Racing, exploring, hanging around the ring until the 16th
  • 16th I drive whatever ludacris rental car I’m able to squeeze out of my Hertz points back to AMS (they don’t usually let you return specialty cars to other locations), take a couple of high-speed trains for 3-4 hours and boom I’m in Le Mans... yes I believe the TGV is one of those trains. Or I might fly... I don’t know yet.
  • This is where I’m not yet set on what to do. Either I go with Travel Destination’s Glamping/cottage package (UK travel agency that specializes in travel to racing events, they’re pretty awesome!) or AirBnB... if anybody has input I’m open to it.
  • Watch the race, love the race, weep for the race.
  • 20th - Head to Paris and spend the next 3 nights in an apartment that overlooks the Eiffel tower and Seine river. That I already booked, it was on AirBnB (with instant book) for $150 a night... the pictures look unbelieveable.
  • 23rd CDG-LHR-DTW home. Done. Fin.

So, there you have it Oppo, my rambly possibly hard to follow trip I’m beyond excited for. OH! If any of you are reading this and are thinking “holy shit I NEED to do this” I’m totally open to travel buddies for part/all of this.

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