Since you em-effers keep shitposting over top of my content I am trying to share, I will post it again. KMAG for President!!! Suck my balls!!!!

Referencing the new row between Nico “LeMans Winner” Hulkenberg and Kevin “F1 debut 2nd place/If it looks like shit, it is shit” Magnussen.


For the uninitiated:


KMAG’s response after getting a 5 second penalty for literally doing the same thing that Schumey and Senna did multiple times throughout their careers.

the incident again:


Contextual obligation: Hulk got super rough with Grosjean into turn 1 on lap 1.


And then when Will Buxton saw that Hulk went to have words with KMAG in the post race interview pen:


Blipshift shirt to read: “Suck my balls” with Haas logo on the back, American flag on left shoulder (so it’s charging forward) and Danish flag on the right should, with the below image in an animated form:

Illustration for article titled Im going to try to make a blipshift shirt

And maybe on the bottom edge of the shirt a little cartoon Alonso saying, “All the time you have to leave-a de space”.

For the record, I see no reason for the penalty in race. He left Hulkenberg the option; yield or go off track. Hulk did not yield therefore he went off-track. Hulk is also still mad about this incident at Montreal this year:

Skip to 3:11 if link does not work properly.

Per the FIA rules you get one move moving sideways across the track to defend. The rulebook does not clarify if you get one move per car that is on attack behind, it also doesn’t say that you can’t do that. That loophole is probably why KMAG was not penalized in Montreal.


What is Oppo’s take on some of the best driving on the F1 grid?

Midpack is best pack.

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