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This last week, the first week of the “new normal,” has taught me a lot about myself. Turns out I will spend money on car parts. Like lots of money. Every little thing I have wanted to do, I am going to do. New carpet, new door cards, new LED tail lights and new wiring loom in the engine bay. I have $100 in new hoses, hose clamps and retainer clips on the way for just the radiator and heater hoses.

Currently, the interior has a blue dash, blue (faded to greenish) carpet, charcoal seats and a charcoal console. I am going to put in charcoal carpet and new dark blue door cards to match the dash. Or I could do charcoal door cards to match the seats and the carpet, but then it will still have a blue dash and headliner. The dash is actually a cover which I suppose I could pull off and paint, but that starts getting into the territory I want to avoid. I’d certainly take any advice or suggestions in this area. Were money no object, I would blackout the interior.

Illustration for article titled Im gonna go broke

I also have new gauges from They are pretty nice and should look good. The speedo is a GPS unit, and it will be awesome to have a working fuel gauge. These gauges will be mounted in a new (Black) gauge housing thing. Then I will need to find someplace to locate the Holley 3.5" screen from the EFI.

I just drove on the highway for the first time with the EFI and new brakes and it’s a revelation. 70mph is at about 2200 rpms and the car sounds and feels great. I’m pretty impressed with the Sniper system and can’t wait to get into tuning it a bit more. There are some areas where it needs some help in the fueling table, but nothing crazy.

Illustration for article titled Im gonna go broke

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