I'm gonna have a 15 minute layover in DFW Update again: I've made the flight!

My flight out of LAX is super delayed so my layover in DFW is now a total of 15 minutes assuming we still take off as expected. Since the gate closes ten minutes before departure I’m hoping like hell for a delay so that I get more than 5 minutes at best to make it from Terminal A to Terminal C. If I don’t make it, the next flight isn’t until 7am and since it’s weather the airline has told me to pound sand and wait if I don’t make the connection. So I’ll be late for work tomorrow, hotel is already past cancellation tonight, and I’ll have a fun time exploring DFW all night. Here’s to making my short layover somehow!



Flight aware has given me some hope! My flight is going to fly faster or found a better route I guess! Originally said 634pm (my next flight is 649pm). So I might actually make it. Also, Jeff Goldblum is on my flight apparently, so maybe the plane has.. Uh... Found a way.

Update again:


I have just made it to Dallas and thankfully my connecting flight is delayed a half hour. So now I should actually make it! What a day. I also watched Get Out on this flight. Was in the right stressed out mood for a thriller so it was an extra good movie under these conditions lol.

One more update!

I've made the flight thanks to the delay. Even had time to eat something from the grab and go kiosk at Fridays. It was overpriced but at least it was a decent tasting sandwich. Beats digging a cliff bar out of my bag or starving till i get in. No idea what might be open when I get on the road finally and I really need to get to bed anyways. Good day! 

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