I added a roll bar extension to make sure I pass the “broomstick test” which is never enforced but it’s where the top of your helmet has room should you end up upside down. Most track organizers pretend to enforce it. Still I like not having brain damage so uh yeah.


You can see the wink rally mirror in there too. The mirrors on this car suck. That’s why the previous owner merged into a blind spot to get a surprise which is why the car was $2500. Crushed right quarter panel. Looks like hell. Previous owner was pretty damn bummed.

Doesn’t leak a drop of fluids. I do need to finish a suspension repair. Something was bent. Aligning it properly isn’t possible yet. I have all the parts but I got the toe control arm half removed before the bolt stripped which is going to be a right bastard to sort out but hey. So it goes when working on cars. Five minute job? Set aside a couple weeks if you’ve got a day job.

Still I’m stoked.

Yes I know the bar needs padding. It’ll get there.

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