I’d like to start this off by saying I love my FR-S. It’s a fantastic car to drive that distills all the best attributes of 70's and 80's sportscars down into one relatively modern package. Yes it’s slow compared to most cars currently on the market, but that’s not the point. It’s a car made to deliver as pure a driving experience as is possible today at that price point, and in that regard it’s a complete success. Over the last few years I’ve autocrossed it, tracked it, taken it on countless adventures through the back roads, and met some truly amazing people in the community. I always thought I’d keep the car forever.

But this weekend was the first break from Northwest rain, and you know what? I didn’t even look at the FR-S. I was too busy trading off between hooning my new (to me) DR-Z and my modified SV650.

It hit me on Sunday night after exploring some forest roads on the dirtbike that between the E39 and the bikes, the Scion (and for that matter sportscars in general) doesn’t really have a place in my garage anymore. I honestly can’t think of a scenario where taking the Scion would be the best option. For a quick blast through the twisties, I’ll take the SV. Exploring? Hands down the DR-Z. And for longer distances or commuting I’d take the BMW without a second thought.


Now I think it’s normal for people for people’s eyes to wander a little when it comes to cars. I mean I’m guilty of coveting the new Miata (as well as the new Mustangs and Camaros) over my FR-S, but now I’m seriously considering selling and not replacing it with something else. This would mark the first time I’ve ever been without an enthusiast/project/sport car and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

A few years ago when I thought about the perfect car on the perfect road, it was always a Catetham or a Lotus on an impossibly smooth technical forest road with no other cars in sight. Today the setting hasn’t changed but I’m almost certainly atop a KTM duke Triumph triple or a Husqvarna supermoto.


Has anyone else struggled with this? I’m finding myself less and less excited about new cars coming out even though we’re in the middle of what is probably the golden age of performance. In the days of a factory 500+ horsepower track beast Mustang, why do I honestly think that one would sit idle in my garage and play second fiddle to my current cheap and decidedly run of the mill collection of bikes?