I won’t go into major details, but nearly everything that could go badly has gone badly lately.

The most recent fun has been trying to replace my computer. I found a cheapish refurbished gaming computer through a third party on Amazon. The first one I ordered got delivered by UPS... to an Amazon warehouse in Indiana that had nothing to do with the address on the package. When I tried to get them to redirect it to me, they basically said there’s nothing they could do and to contact Amazon for a refund. I got my money refunded and found a second computer that was pretty close to the first one but $20 more. Received it today and it’s broken. It had a needlessly hipsterish power button and the mechanism was completely smashed. Now I’m at two weeks without a computer, and my old laptop I was trying to use finally gave up too.

Lots of other things have gone wrong, but the computer thing has been like the straw that kneed me in the balls. That’s how the saying goes, right?

Have a Mustang with obscene tire girth for your time.