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im having a good time

pardon typing I’m increasingly fucking drunk. So this mazda6 I bought for my wife. Got it from a buddy in texas who has been daily driving it since he picked it up in january or some shit like that. Good guy. I trust him. I hitch a ride down to texas to pick it up and he shows up that evening awkward like “uh so I lent it to a friend who really needed a car and said he could drive clutch but he burned the shit out of the clutch now it slips. I’ll take $500 off if you want” cool that makes the car $1500 for a decent condition 2003 Mazda6 V6 Manual that’s a pretty good deal. So I buy the car and road trip it back to Kansas. Get home at 1am and it’s 40 degrees and raining so I tell the wife to take the lexus to work so I can take the mazda because i know how to baby the clutch without totally roasting the rest of it. Then the lexus gets totaled because of that decision and you know that story. So the mazda needs a cluthc and wheel bearings and my friend offers to do it for $60 an hour. He tore into it tonight now that I got the parts from rockauto and found a TON of janky shit. Cross threaded random hardware store bolts, etc. Then he finally after like 4 fucking hours gets to the clutch and lo and behold the goddamn cluthc I bought from fucking rock auto is the wrong size fo the fucking car. Car can’t sit on his lift for a week while I order a new one so now I have to buy a clutch locally at massivelky infated local fucking prices and in the meantime also buy back my Lexus for $470 so my fucking car isn’t taken from me

im having a good time and there’s plenty of vodka left i may go to work tomorrow i may just sleep till noon in a drunken goddmn haze who even fucking knows at this point i’m honestly shocked i nknow what a keyboard is righ tnowe


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