I recently purchased an 1987 Wagovan 4x4 as my new Gambler 500 vehicle. If you don’t know, Gambler 500 is where we take crappy cars out into the wilds, pick up as much garbage as we can, then have a big camping party and get shit faced. We also do sweet jumps.

Anyway, after I bought it my wife demanded that the car be panda themed. Not just black / white, but actual pandas. No problem I said. This weekend it got a very cheap and very crappy rattle can paint job.


To start with the panda theme I painted the WWF pandas on the hood. I still need to add the WWF text.


Here is where I run into trouble. So it’s a panda, right? We go pick up trash in it right? In my mind, it’s the Trash Panda. But.... a trash panda is a raccoon, not an actual Panda.

How do I make this a cohesive theme with two different animals? Or do I drop the Trash Panda name and just go all in panda bear themed? Or half and half?


I already ordered some decals for the side that say Trash Panda and this sticker for the back:


I’m also building a roof rack out of bamboo.

So... keep the Trash Panda name or ditch it?

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