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So I’m at the point where I’m having a hard time deciding whether I should trade in my truck and pick up a new Focus ST, or if I should just say fuck it and start modifying the truck. Help me make up my mind Oppo


Quick facts:

Current truck is a 2015 GMC Sierra single cab with the 5.3L V8 2WD Long Bed

Mods I would do:

  • Dished wheels (probably 19"s, IDK if they make TE37's for trucks but along those lines)
  • Slight drop, maybe 1-2"
  • Intake+Exhaust+Tune, obviously
  • Either a hard shell bed cover or a full bed cap. Not sure yet.

Similar look to this, but not 22"s and a single cab longbed. So pretty douchey

Illustration for article titled Im having second thoughts Oppo

Option two would be to take roughly a $1,000 loss on the truck (Bought it with 9,000 miles on it last summer, now its at 37,000... Oops) and drop on a new Focus ST (for roughly $18,500 after employee discount and all that shit) and leave that stock until it’s close to coming out of warranty.

Now logic says I should probably do neither and instead I should trade it in for something used that actually gets decent fuel economy so I can save some money and pay off my student loans faster, but fuck that. What’re your thoughts Oppo?

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