I don’t know what it is, but I’m hooked on this guy’s YouTube videos. They’re mostly about metalworking projects and machining in his home shop near Pensacola. There’s just something mesmerizing about seeing those metal chips fly as well as learning about new techniques like spray welding and other interesting things I’ve never heard about. Not surprisingly, I also get hooked on welding videos and can watch them for hours.

One of my grandfathers an aerospace engineer, another was a welding instructor for the Navy back in WWII, working out of Pearl Harbor, and another was a tool and die maker, so perhaps it’s a combination of genetics and surroundings that has influenced me and dictated my interests. I still have a bunch of their old tools, including a classic Starret 209-C micrometer, in its original box, which dates back to the ‘40s. Watching ABom’s videos is also a bit of a nostalgia trip, with lots of great vintage tools and machines filling his shop. It just feels like home.