I'm in a financial pickle

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Sround January I sold a car, I forgot to file the release of liability. At some point the next owner abandoned the car and it racked up almost $3k in storage fees from the towing company.


A debt collection company got in contact with me recently and filled me in on this situation. I made the mistake of sending them a photo of the filled out release of liability, then got literally yelled at by one of their representatives about how it’s not valid.

Im beginning to see that I have no way of proving that vehicle was not mine at the time of abandonment and I may have to throw away alot of money. Though the amount they want is not money I even have.


I sent out a letter of dispute and will talk to a lawyer asap but I dont see any options. Sidenote: My brother was a witness to the sale but I’m guessing since hes family that’s not usable.

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