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I'm in a slump

Nothing is happening. every day is just another day in, day out bull shit of work, life, and random bullshit.

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I have to go back to school. Either through the military or going through some other civilian program. Been working out my options. Dunno what I want to do.

Bike has been put away..and i dont know if I will take it out again. That poor SV has almost 200,000 KM on it. She burns oil, I feel like its down on power, there is a slapping noise in the motor I dont like, and the transmission is very loose in comparison to other SVs. I could just throw in a new motor...but she also needs the front end re-dojne (fork oil, brakes, bearings) and the tail section redone as well (new tail light and under tail panel) and the LED wiring fixing.

I am thinking of just retiring her to track duty only. thought about just flat out parting the bike out and moving on. But I dont have the money at the moment to get something else to ride. I was looking at either a daytona 675 or a 1000cc naked bike like a speed triple, z1000...but again, aint cheap.

Lexus is dutifully doing its commuting route. 30k each day. nothing to update there. some grinding noise coming from left front when turning right and suspension is compressed. I suspect a small amount of tire rub as I changed up the tire size for the snows (stock is 225/45/17, currently on 215/50/17)

IDK, I just feel like I’m going no where in life right now and just working some bullshit dead end retail job to make someone else $.

Hope you guys are doing better these days.

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