And her name is Rio.

Illustration for article titled Im in love.

2008 Kia Rio5 SX to be exact. She’s got a 110hp engine, a 5-speed manual with DOGLEG REVERSE, 56,000 miles on her, funky red and black cloth seats, and is oddly optioned with A/C, fog lights, alloy wheels, alloy pedals, but manual locks and windows. CRANKS FO LYFE.


I took her for a test drive down to the lakefront where it smells of fish and though she has an unfortunate squeak in her clutch pedal somewhere, and a twirling noise from the throwout bearing (that sounds familiar, *cough*CAMRY*cough* but its not bad), but she’s got zip, zap, and zowwie.

I’m in love, and I don’t care about the road noise, the aforementioned clutch annoyances (it grabs kinda high, too), or the lowball trade in offer of $200 on my Camry.

I am in love.

I have forgotten all about that Magnum.

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