I'm In The Wrong Profession

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Went to get my eyes checked yesterday and get new glasses. My optometrist has done very well in his field and has half a dozen locations. He’s also a car guy, having previously owned a Dinan’d 535xi wagon, Panamera, Leaf (wtf?), few 911s, and still owning an RS5. We got to talking about cars and he mentioned his 550i lease was almost up and asked what I would buy with $100k. I told him I’d get a Vantage a he agreed but then he mentioned the AMG GT. I said it wouldn’t be a bad idea, and mentioned it pretty much holds its own with the Porsche 911 Turbo so it’s plenty quick but it’s pricey. We talk a bit more and then he does the exam (verdict; not blind). After the exam he comes over to me and shows me a picture of a light blue AMG GT in someone’s garage. “My brother just got it, now I have to get one”. I’m currently getting my adoption papers in order but my hopes aren’t high.


How would you like to wake up in the morning and have to choose between an AMG GT and an RS5 to drive to work?

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