Had a Kia Spectra that wasn’t running for months, and come to find out it was just a blown fuse that I’d checked at least 3 seperate times.

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In all fairness when it stopped working it had an odd problem with the fuel pump being on constantly aswell as not starting. Turned out the fuel pump was on because a stray bit of copper wire was wedged Into an unused slot on the fusebox (that slot apparently was for jumping the fuel pump).


And just now after checking the fuses for the umpteenth time I found the sensor fuse to be blown. But of course I shot-gunned a cam and crank sensor aswell as a coilpack(which ended up being free). So basically a small oversight of not looking closely enough at the fuses(maybe it was just barely blown when I first checked it?) Led to me spending an extra $50 and not having the car running for like 5 months.

At least it runs now, and from here on out I’ll look fuses over VERY closely.

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