I'm Inventing a New Number! The Number Lac (\)

While counting from zero to ten on my hands (as I do when I need to kill a couple of minutes), I finally realized why it has never felt right. I’m a number short and that number is what I’m calling “Lac.”

“Lac” is from the latin word lacuna meaning gap. Recent studies have shown that when people count on their fingers or toes a separation in the hands frequently occurs when going over five. My number lac (represented as “\” for now) will account for separations when counting.


So counting on two hands allows you to go “0-1-2-3-4-5-\-6-7-8-9-10!”Give it a try. Doesn’t that feel better?! Now that you have lac you can count to 10 starting from \ and it mirrors counting from 0 to 5 due to the symmetrical nature of where that second occurrence of nothing is placed. Now accounted for by \.

When nothing appears within something we need a way to express that additional void. Well World, I (Wobbles the Mind) gift to you that number so you can completely account for all values!

There is no accounting for lack of taste because there was never a number to represent it...until today!


If Farmer Brown asked you to feed 16 Chickens and 7 Cows then it may be correct to say that Farmer Brown is asking you to feed 23 animals. However, it’s not correct enough! In reality you aren’t feeding the chickens and the cows the same thing, so there are two separate but related tasks occurring here. The precise answer is that Farmer Brown is asking you to feed 16\7 animals. The actual number of tasks is double what is being demanded.

This is why employers and employees have such a disconnect on what is being asked for and what can be done!


It costs $100 for an oil change. But the real number is $22 in parts and $78 in labor. So the correct cost is $22\78. Now there is no hiding the actual cost of the service and that you are paying for the change more so than the oil. The gap, the lac (\), is present from the start! Transparency.

I’m telling you OPPO that we are spending our lives a number short and that number is as important as zero. Start covering when nothing appears between groups of numbers. Accounting for the gap, that is what we lac (\)!

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