I’m not saying necessarily that I want an automatic first-gen Vibe, although I will admit I liked it waaaay more than I thought I would when I drove it. What I’m saying is that she gets a shiny new toy, and I want one one too!

There was a general budget for her car. There wasn’t one at first but things evolved once the searching began. Anything less than the cap spent on her car would go towards my next vehicle. Well, we hit the cap. There is now no money for Zoidberg’s next car. Which is just fine really, as I have a pickup that still gets the job done, and she is ecstatic to drive a car she really wants. But it’s been a whole YEAR since I bought a car for myself, and I’m starting to get blue balls.

I have a Christmas bonus due this year, and if it’s over a certain amount, I am getting a new damn car. Can I wait two whole months? I don’t really think so... *coughs weakly* Ohhhh... Will I make it to Christmas without another car...

Here’s a manual 4x4 van for your time