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I'm kinda tempted by this LG V30S deal for $600

Motorola’s recent event only had information about the new Z3 Play, not the higher-end Z3. My S7 Edge is working basically fine with the resolution at 1080p. But B&H has a deal on the V30S for $600.

Samsung is slowly pushing out the Oreo update for the S7 series, but for whatever reason the update for my US unlocked version is lagging behind the updates for international, AT&T and Verizon versions. Go figure.

Supposedly the Oreo update might remove the jank from the S7E, but who knows. Most of the time it’s fine on 1080p but it bugs me that I have to keep my phone at a lower resolution to keep it running smoothly.


Concurrent to this, Samsung is bringing back their Good Lock customization app, which might help me adjust some of the few remaining Samsung annoyances. But I think I need to be on Oreo to use it. Right now when I search for it on Galaxy Apps I get a couple components of it but not the whole thing.

Being on Verizon (through Boom Mobile) limits my choice of phones. Since I want something unlocked, I’m left to choose among Samsung, LG, and Pixel phones. The lower-end Motorola models also work on Verizon but the unlocked Z series phones don’t, so far at least.


I’m tempted to move on from my S7E now while I can sell it for a good price, especially since I bought it brand new for $475 last September.

B&H Photo has been running deals on the “new” LG V30S, and it’s at $600 right now. It’s basically a V30 but with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB storage. But LG’s camera has a smaller sensor than my S7E and is probably worse in low light. My S7E is pretty decent in low light and I’d like to upgrade it, not downgrade.


The Pixel 2 XL would be right up my alley, except for price. It’s still $850. Ouch.

The unlocked Galaxy S8+ is at $590 at the moment. I think it might also address the few remaining things that bug me about my S7E, but it’s got that infuriating fingerprint sensor placement next to the camera. Ugh. It’s also just big and heavy. I like big screen phones, but this might be too big for a front pants pocket, especially since sometimes—but thankfully not always—I carry my work iPhone 6S in the same pocket as my personal phone.


Oh, and technically the Essential PH-1 ticks all my boxes for $500, but its camera is still kinda garbage even after a bunch of software updates.

I could just keep going along with my S7E and wait for the Pixel 3 series to come out, and then take whatever marginal discount I can get on a Pixel 2 XL. Or just keep using the S7E.


I dunno, I think I’m just getting distracted by the bright orange DealZone frippery on B&H’s site. Probably shouldn’t buy the thing, right?

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