I need to take a break from it all. Because...


I initially thought I wouldn’t be going on a grad trip since I was pretty strapped for money, but then out of the blue, my sister invited me to go along with a bunch of her friends. It’s 12 days in Italy, so why not?! I’ve been dying to go back to Italy for years now, the land of pasta, Ferrari, architecture, Ferrari, Michelangelo, art and did I mention Ferrari? When I’m back, I’ll definitely share some pics.

But on a more serious note, I’m taking this as an opportunity to take a break from the internet for a while. Too much bullshit flying around these days and I just want some peace and quiet. If I get WiFi, I might post some updates, lurk a bit but for the most part I won’t be here. Maybe on my multiple stopovers I’ll hang out briefly. My flight’s in three hours, so I’m leaving for the airport now. And for anybody who’s traveling soon, here’s a reminder before you leave the house - TICKETS MONEY PASSPORT.

(if anybody understood that reference you will be rewarded with 10000 Internetz points)