I’ve dated my fiance for about 3 years now. It was all great and going fine. We got engaged and had been living together for a while.

Today, after 3 years I came home from work and she was gone. There was a single note on the table. It said “ I’m not ready for all this and please don’t ever call me or my family.”

I mean after 3 years and I get this. I’m lost, my friends don’t even have an idea and her or her family isn’t answering my calls. Her friend who she’s known since high school is lost too.

I’ve been sitting in this empty house drinking. I don’t even want to live here in this house anymore. Everything about it reminds me of her. It was recently renovated and she helped pick color and layouts.

I did everything right by this woman. Since day one, been sweet, honest, and never hid anything. We had one fight in 3 years. It was 2 years ago. So its not that. She knows my passwords and stuff. (Which have been changed) I know hers too. Im lost.

As of right now, I’m at a friends place and he can’t figure it out either. At this point, I don’t even care what the reason is behind it. She’s no longer welcome. I don’t do this to anyone, even as a joke.


I just don’t know what to do. She doesn’t play jokes like this. I’ve done right by this woman in her words. I don’t know. It just hit me by surprise and I’m almost tempted to destroy it all. I can’t look at anything in the house without seeing her there. All of her stuff is gone. Like she never lived her.

Aside from this, the rest of my life isfine. My business is working fine, my cars are going strong. She was aware of my financial situation and every last detail about me.

I’m not suicidal or anything. Just can’t stand to look at my own house. My garage or even the passenger seat in my car. It just made me sick to my stomach.


So this weekend I plan on trying to drink memories away and Monday get my cars detailed and get her name off the door of my work truck. (I had my name painted on the driver side and she rode with me on her off days and her name is on the other door)

Beyond that, probably end up moving or at least attempting a repaint of stuff to make her touch disappear. To see if it helps me stay in my own home. After all it was my Grandma and grandpa’s house and I got it in the will.

I’d like to stay but its going to be hard and take alot of money to try to make her disappear.



Managed to talk to her and figure it out and after talking for 20 mins in Walmart, I realized she just thought I didn’t care anymore because after I’d leave work, I’d come home and relax. She didn’t want it to seem like an explosion. I told her all we had to do was talk about it. I’ve always been there and willing to talk but it hardly ever happened. I told her after what she pulled that she wasnt welcome anymore and it hurt me alot.

She apologized but wanted to work it out. I said no and walked away.

Sorry that screwed me up pretty bad with that. Its not easy to forgive it and move on. She asked me if I wanted back her ring and I said no. She got mad but it was her own fault. Just talk, not move out not answer a call for a few days and then act like it didn’t happen. Sorry.


I’ve managed to keep busy by focusing on my business and bought a used f350 for 5500 bucks. 09 regular cab f350 2wd diesel with 170k on it. Got a guy referred by a good friend looking for a job. So I took a shot. I told him he’ll get a new truck if he works out and doesn’t cost me alot. I’ve got 12k in a truck and 3 car hauler trailer.

I was at an auction with some dealers I haul for and it popped up. I couldn’t resist for the price. I mean 6 weeks ago I bought a new Ram 5500 diesel chassis cab, and 5car trailer for 70. So I guess I have the new guy truck.

Although this guy is pretty wellexperienced, he was willing to start low and work for more. I guess I would be too if I hadn’t found a job in 6months.


IIm back at the office getting work done, got a new guy. So I now employ 4 people. I’m 28 and the oldest guy is 47. 5 trucks, 4 Ram 5500s, 1 f350 ,2 5car trailers, 1 4 car, 2 3 car.

Working was the only thing that would occupy my mind long enough to keep her off it.

All from my deployment money, a small lotto winning of 100k, and my old repo business being bought by someone who wanted my clients so bad he bought me out to get them.


After my doc appt, she had a couple good ideas and I’m trying. Although the anti depressants suck. They knock me out.

TLDR- saw ex fiance,talked, she wants to act like it didn’t happen. I walked away. She’s not welcome. Bought a cheap diesel truck and trailer. Hired a guy who was happy to find a decent job. And now after my doc appt, she gave me good meds and told me to focus on the good stuff and let the bad go.